Welcome to the Oceanus Joint Industry Program

“Enable safer, cost efficient, lower carbon operations through robotic offshore operations”

Oceanus is a joint industry project formed by Chevron, TotalEnergies and Equinor. The member operators share a strategic objective of achieving uncrewed offshore operations. Oceanus recognises the opportunity to leverage individual knowledge and initiatives to fast-track industry capability in remote operations and autonomy in offshore environments.

Oceanus Members

Oceanus Goals

  • Reduction of personnel involved in offshore operations
  • Significant reduction in carbon intensity of offshore operations
  • Improved business performance
  • Promotion of autonomous operations within the industry
  • To meet or exceed the quality of current inspection practices


  • Provide common industry guidance and expectations for
    • Technical & Functional system requirements
    • Qualification of resident AUV systems
    • Hardware & Software integration to subsea infrastructure
    • Develop recommended practices for offshore autonomous operations
  • Normalise the development of required industry capability
  • Establish multiple independent marine autonomy test facilities to promote development and qualification
  • Enable technology qualification testing
  • Facilitate partnerships with technology developers, academia and industry initiatives.


  • To sustain improved safety performance
  • To reduce the carbon intensity of our operations
  • To enhance business performance and realize value as soon as possible
  • To fulfill the need of testing facilities for advancing autonomous, robotic technologies within the industry
  • To ensure the early availability of qualified robotic solutions to our respective operating assets
  • To promote diversity within the industry

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